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tv   Headline News  RT  July 13, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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fugitive cia whistleblower edward snowden says he wants asylum in russia and is ready to stop the u.s. as washington blasts moscow for providing him propaganda platform. hunger strike on poor. inmates have started eating again but. it's not the end of the protest over indefinite detention because last. year. and street battles in belfast dozens injured as protestant hardliners clashed with police trying to block them from entering a catholic district top stories. from
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our studio center here in moscow where it's just ten ten pm this is r t with twenty four hours a day. and i say leaker edward snowden has renewed his request for asylum in russia as he looks to put an end to his life in limbo at a moscow airport he spent nearly three weeks stranded in the transit zone of shouldn't have it and sent nearly two dozen asylum requests around the world. is following the whistle blows attempts to escape u.s. prosecution. r.t. you confirm that russia's federal migration committee has yet to receive a formal application for asylum from edward snowden this is despite yesterday's meeting a shadow matter airports with human rights activists and lawyers in which he requested assistance in getting to his final destination which is still believed to be latin america of course bolivia venezuela and nicaragua have all suggested they would take him in but it is proving very very difficult for him to get there not only
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because of america's aggressive pursuit of him which led to the grounding of the bolivian president's plane over european airspace this week but also he doesn't have the valid travel documents you've got to remember he's had his passport revoked that's why he's been stuck in transit that's why he's turned to russia for temporary refuge and the suggestion is that lawyers would be king to help him with that outlook ation and the suggestion also is that his application when it arrives will be looked upon favorably snowden knows that conditions are acceptable he can get it i think he really. satisfies the requirements for a political refugee human rights activists of lawyers who are there. to worry agreeing he was prosecuted for political reasons rather than on legal grounds well russia has played this by the book from the very start and have played this straight lace this gesture in being of course that edward snowden was not under russian jurisdiction because he never crossed the border and never entered
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russian territory and of course noted and they did apply for asylum in russia around a fortnight ago but later withdrew his application after president vladimir putin said there were certain criteria that needed to be met and that criteria was that he stopped his actions that and i quote harming russia's u.s. partners now russia's stance hasn't shifted the two presidents barack obama and vladimir putin will lead to we believe to have a phone conversation on friday the exact topics of what was discussed the unknown but it's believed that snowden was of course mentioned and i think both nations came for this not to escalate into a further diplomatic row and i think this is gesture is also that russia and this is becoming a headache that really they could have done without. snowden's meeting with human rights activists at moscow's sheremetyevo airport sparked anger in washington the u.s. criticize russia for allowing it to take place and again demanded he be handed over what is going to come as the details. the white house has basically accused russia
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of providing quote a propaganda platform for edward snowden this is washington's reaction to edward snowden's meeting with russian human rights activists at the moscow airport take a listen i would simply say that providing a propaganda platform for mr snowden runs counter to the russian government's previous declarations of russia's neutrality and that they have and that they have no control over his presence in the airport it's also incompatible with russian assurances that they do not want. mr snowden to further damage u.s. interests we know that president obama and president putin discussed edward snowden over the phone we don't know how that conversation went but the obama administration's latest statements can give us an idea the state department has earlier reiterated washington's disappointment over snowden's meeting with human rights activists suggesting that somehow russian authorities could have been shorter barred edward snowden from speaking take a listen we are disappointed that russian officials and agencies facilitated this
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meeting today by allowing these activists and representatives into the moscow airports transit zone to meet with mr snowden despite the government's declarations of russian's neutrality with respect to mr snowden sorry you're disappointed that they let someone into their own airport i don't know that well that they facilitated this event of course why because this gave a forum going to be should have before there's a for you forfeited his right to freedom of speech as well met miss mr snowden as we've talked about let me just say this because i think it's important he's not a whistleblower he's not human rights activists he's wanted on the series of serious criminal charges brought in these certain eastern district of virginia in the united states i'm sorry but i didn't realize people wanted on charges forfeited their right to speak to free speech it's very interesting how washington now uses the word propaganda. referring to edward snowden's speech basically suggesting that
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somehow russia should deny him free speech the journalist who challenged the state department spokesperson sort of showed how ridiculous that sounds coming from the u.s. it almost sounds like would you please silence that guy we don't like what he's saying one could just imagine what the u.s. reaction would be to a similar call from russia if it were let's say some russian whistleblower who stood up for civil liberties in russia and was asking for asylum in the u.s. not hard to guess what the reaction would be regardless of what russians think about snowden according to the most recent polls fifty five percent of americans view snowden as a whistleblower and only thirty four percent consider him a traitor so the majority of americans do not think what edward snowden is saying is propaganda. snowden plans to stop leaking u.s. secrets but guardian journalist glenn greenwald who's been breaking the news about an essay snooping said he has no plans to stop publishing reports on the classified documents he's already received stephen cohen professor
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a russian and slavic studies at new york university says the whole situation with snowden's asylum is a tough test for russian and american leaders this is a classic case of the testing of leadership both in moscow and washington neither leader neither obama nor proven can be happy about mr snowden sitting in the moscow airport who didn't invite him to russia but he can't toss him for various political reasons obama needs to show he's tough on snowden. i can't believe that the united states actually wants to put snowden on trial because it was a fair trial a legal trial all snowden would have the right to subpoena american officials who have knowledge of all this intelligence is exposed that would not be so i think there is a vested interest with. to find a way to solve this problem so that neither is damaged politically so will now see
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what kind of leaders they are. four south american nations belonging to the markets or trading block or recalling that ambassadors from european countries involved in the grounding all of the believe in president's plane the foreign minister says talks will be held with the representatives the member states also had tough words for washington defending their right to offer asylum to edward snowden and human rights activist peter tatchell believes the pressure being put on latin american governments is violating international. what the united states government is doing is seeking to obstruct edward snowden's bid to seek asylum not to get asylum but to seek asylum bullied and managed to threaten other countries around the world to not grant him asylum and to not give airspace so that a flight can take him to another country that is a direct attack upon the united nations refugee convention and it is shocking and
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appalling there's supposedly democratic government united states with the collusion of european governments including the government here in britain has been conspiring together to not allow mr snowden to make a valid asylum application there is no way that he is a spy he has not contacted any foreign spy agencies he's not divulge any information to foreign governments here simply expose the fact that united states national security agency and britain's spy agency g c h q have been snooping in spying upon millions of innocent private citizens that is not spying charge he is a whistleblower and he deserves asylum. we're closely following the snowden saga online as well as on the screen you can head to our ti dot com for an extensive timeline on the leaks asylum bids and international reaction.
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the majority of hunger striking prisoners at guantanamo bay had their first meal in nearly half a year according to u.s. officials but inmates lawyers don't believe the food protest is finished and the military won't remove anyone from the hunger strike list until they consistently for several days report as more. ninety nine of those one hundred and two men on strike have eaten a meal within the past twenty four hours according to the director of public affairs at good mo samuel house he says that most of the prisoners took part in a meal of lamb to break the first day of fast during the muslim holy period of ramadan which lasts through the month during ramadan observance abstain from food or drink from sunrise to sunset the prisoners who have eaten are still considered hunger strikers because the u.s. military requires several days of sustained eating and minimum caloric intake
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before a prisoner is removed from the list of hunger strikers the u.s. military officials say forty five of the prisoners are still on the forced forced feeding list meaning they can be strapped down and fed a liquid nutrient mix through a nasal gastric tube on monday a u.s. federal judge called the procedure of quote painful humiliating and degrading process that comment was made in a ruling in which she said she had no with already to order a stop of the force feeding that's been ongoing at guantanamo bay fishel say out of respect for the prisoners religious beliefs the forced feedings will only be carried out at night during ramadan now so far what's not clear is if they get mowed detainee's in time to completely abandon their hunger strike or if the evening is a temporary reprieve during the holy month of ramadan now some lawyers for the
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prisoners remain very skeptical of the lead us reports coming from u.s. officials because they say the u.s. military has tried to downplay the hunger strike from the very beginning the very beginning which is dated back more than five months ago now the protest at guantanamo has continued to raise awareness in the u.s. and throughout the world and it has forced u.s. president barack obama to renew his efforts to close the island prison were one hundred sixty six men are still languishing. the hunger strikers are protesting against indefinite detention without charge and the treatment they've been receiving us public defender call us want to represent eleven of those prisoners and he expects the hunger strike to continue until those inmates cleared for release all let. the president has the power to released eighty six men right now and we've heard noises that he intends to do so but we've seen no action since that speech and i believe you're still going to have
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a number of hunger strikers until we see people transferred that's just the bottom line hopefully the military has started to engage the men and is doing positive steps to end the hunger strike again all of us hope that it does and i hope that my clients are eating i don't want them to starve i don't think any lawyer does but at the same time we are waiting for president obama to do what he said he would do and that is to transfer the innocent men eighty six innocent men all to life here moscow still to come this hour a fresh wave of sectarian violence hits the streets of northern and clashes break out of the annual pro british parade in belfast despite heavy police presence. and the port of destruction there are allegations that israel has carried out another and strike on syrian territory this time talk of think he pulled life expert analysis right after this short break.
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mobile device you can watch r.t. anytime anywhere. he continues here in r.t. eighteen people have been killed one child among them in a bus crash outside moscow that's according to emergency officials but some reports say there are up to twenty fatalities emergency crews say two children were among the injured four people died in hospital over twenty still being treated there and some of them are in intensive care. what it was hit by a truck the driver of which reportedly has a record of dangerous driving is now at the center of a criminal investigation the question because of his grave condition monday has been declared a day of mourning following what is one of the deadliest road accidents in russia this year. in northern ireland more than four hundred additional police from across
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britain have been drafted into belfast after violence left around thirty offices one m.p. and eight rioters injured trouble at a pro british orange order march attended by thousands flared up because the traditional route was shortened to stop it passing through a sectarian flashpoint police had to resort to water cannons to stop the angry mob entering the nationalist neighborhood. reports from belfast. i didn't write the bathroom. break but i. want to. find out why that oil or that this is the front line. in the back. in the front right. the. wrong the bus is being. deployed you put it.
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sort of. coming. down they. think that. they once again being pulled around the wall they. tend to be. able to. see things. in the bloody thing the number that was the. thing that not the little bit. on the. phone was. on my feet and taking. a lot of questions that will be all about whether anything being done to prevent this kind of thing from happening. whenever you don't call me on line team is a whole host of stories waiting at the moment for example on the blue soldiers who
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are excited about a new discovery system revealing the color of an italian planet which is sixty three light years away from. rains melting glass you can check out the. websites. visit our emotion page where we stock up the best videos for you on the latest events and today it's a brazilian workers protest which ended in flames police found to be rotten. right now for that and plenty more besides. india's supreme court may have given the final lot to the commissioning of the country's largest power plant but the move hasn't come the scandal surrounding it the station has split locals into those who claim it is crucial for the economy and those insisting it is a major health hazard his election has been investigating what is driving me and nuclear camp. this may have seemed as a minor peaceful protest but it seriously stalled one of india's most and vicious
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projects the first energy block of the could uncle on nuclear power station destined to solve a growing electricity problem for millions was due to be launched in twenty eleven but because of these fishermen protesting against what they see as an environmental threat india's high court refused to give the go ahead for the station to start working however protesters were forced to declare they were acting in good faith with no foreign financing a small amount of money that we need comes from our own people the fisherman contribute part of it every once in two weeks but not everyone quite bought that india's prime minister accused western states of derailing india's nuclear program the atomic energy program has got into difficulties because these n.g.o.s mostly i think based in the us don't appreciate the need for all countries to increase energy. this protest is not a one off rallies organized by non-governmental organizations targeted other projects in india mining was also hit by unrest leading to multimillion dollar losses and severely hampering development and your. local.
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people. that these people are coming to expect. and. after one of the program. oh. u.s. officials have been staunchly denying all that a geisha that washington had a hand installing projects in india but experts say this has been a tactic employed by the state department for more than a quarter of a century so the state department or any agency for international development spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year to fund a series of n.g.o.s which are not the government organizations they appear organizations that supposedly promote democracy that's their official line is n.g.o.s really are the tip of the iceberg. this portion of the larger agenda of the united states and of the western powers transnational elites is going to
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follow the same patterns that we've seen. elsewhere around the world what this n.g.o.s ation what the indian leadership is clearly concerned about these prospects the last known date on the financing of indian n.g.o.s was published in twenty eleven back then the government established that twenty two thousand organizations had received a total of more than two billion dollars coming from abroad six hundred fifty million of which allegedly came from the united states this year new delhi has yet to publish such reports but government sources claim that nowadays this funding has dwindled to almost nothing the bank accounts of more than seven hundred such organizations have been frozen and legislation against foreign agent activities has been toughened and while activists bristle over what they believe to be a suppression of freedoms in the country often described as the world's most populous democracy india's economists say that numerous vital projects including the nuclear power station will now get the green light.
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and other international news this hour egypt's interim government has announced a criminal investigation against a polish president morsi as part of a crackdown on muslim brotherhood leaders is accused of spying inciting violence and ruining the country's economy this comes amid a backdrop of protests both for and against the al. despite the beginning of ramadan celebrations on saturday tens of thousands of islamists rallied in the capital in support of morsi whose whereabouts are still unknown. turkish police fired tear gas on protesters heading towards gays the park in istanbul is comes after parliament amended of law which prevents the military intervening in internal political disputes on friday legislators redefine the military's duties as towards outside threats this is considered an antique to measure its protest against the government continue in the country's main cities. it's thought a full two mechanism which switches rails may have caused
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a fatal train wreck outside of paris on friday six people were killed and dozens were injured when the train hit a crowded platform and services a still suspended on the line officials say a collision with another train was narrowly avoided by the driver who rang in alarm within seconds of the accident. the death toll of iraq's latest suicide blast has risen to thirty eight with another two dozen injured in nighttime explosion ripped through a cafe in the northern city of kirkuk as locals broke their ramadan fast police are shut down all the local cafes for the time being saying they are unable to guarantee people security. israel carried out an attack on the key syrian port of latakia last friday according to statements made by three anonymous u.s. officials pre-dawn blasts allegedly targeted a russian made anti ship missile battery which syria received two years ago now the tackier is about eighty kilometers from russia's naval base in syria and the rebel
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free syrian army said that they had nothing to do with the attack because they don't have that kind of firepower available israeli government hasn't confirmed or commented on the issue and if these u.s. claims turn out to be true that would mark the fourth israeli air strike in syria in the past six months and although coleman has written. sibly about the syrian conflict and says that israel is trying to help the syrian rebels are losing the war against the government. i think that the reason they carried it back is because the rebels are losing i mean the foreign terrorists the part of mercenaries they're losing in the debacle of these whales i think giving them a helping hand. the last attack remember in may was against a military training center in damascus i was very very wrong because the syrians have has to retrain the soldiers since the start of this war in order to be able to deal with the non conventional warfare techniques being used against them so again
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targeting military and scientific agencies for this really strategy so i think they're what they're essentially trying to do is give the rebels a helping hand because at this stage they've lost the war and this is parked at all you know keeping the keeping the war going and also provoking the. need. tempering help today for the moment up next the son of trial secrets and questions over the death of an award winning investigative journalist that is in breaking the set and i'll be about the news team and call for an hour from now with more.
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a free media dog r t dot com. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i've got so many i mean. the town i know that i've seen it seems really messed up. in the prairie so closely with the sack. the worst you're going to go right out to the. radio guy for a minute. i want. to give you never seen anything like this i'm telling. you guys i'm abby martin and welcome to break in the set surely if you've been watching the queer brits news if you're already aware the jury is about to make
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their decision on the fate of george zimmerman yes this lone court case that is completely dominated mainstream media for weeks is finally coming to an end believe it or not and it's the zimmerman the hype another or case began this week that has much more relevance to you and i on wednesday the trial of alleged boston bomber nineteen year old dzhokhar sarno began appeared before a federal court and pled not guilty to thirty separate charges related to april's boston marathon bombings chlorine reporters inside the courtroom started have appeared to be still recovering from injuries endured from the police and gun fire citing that he was wearing a cast and half of his face was extremely small and despite the media incessantly covering the boston bombings for weeks and weeks along with the high profile chase of this kid the story of his trial seems to be completely omitted from the corporate media and since the federal court case well that means no cameron's video or audio recordings to share with the public there's one glaring problem with keeping the public in the dark about this case how will we ever get answers from
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the police department about what what down and why more importantly how can we get closure from sarnia of why he did what he did if you want these answers to stick around and not spank the set. even though it's been more than two years since the assassination of osama bin ladin many questions still remain about the raid on his compound and to add another layer to the secrecy admiral william mcraven the u.s. top special operations commander just ordered the military files related the raid to be kept hidden from the public yes the files which were kept on department of fence database were purged from all of the computers and then transferred to the cia making them even more difficult to ever be brought to light this is cia has special thora to prevent quote operational files from being really.